This fun fruit juice looks AND tastes exciting. Celebrate the kiwi, have a day of revelry in its name and serve your guests some edgy and bold drinks - the Kiwi Fromber being at the top of that list!
The underdog that always wins! This flavour bomb can be mixed and matched in multifarious ways. Be it a meal, or with another beverage, anything can be made more adventurous with some sweet lime juice to go with it. Take a chance on this one
A sweet and sour togetherness that fits perfectly. It’s made even better, when you get to store and serve it Fromber Style. Easy to manage, lasts long and serving it has never been easier. You can add some of your own creative seasoning for a whole new concoction, and your guests will be sure to love this one!
The world loves it and we bring it to you in a convenient, yet wholesome, form. Now you’ll never have to run out of the most popular fresh fruit juice of all time. Serve it as it is, or mix it with other beverages on your menu. Either way, it’s an essential!
Even for the ones who twist up their faces at the mention of a vegetable, the Carrot Juice makes an exception. Tasty, healthy and ready to serve - there’s a triple threat right there!
The freshness of watermelon and the longevity of Fromber products, makes this one a power package. A fabulous mix of sweet & healthy. It has stood the test of time and is a people’s favourite. The ultimate go-to, a must have on your menu!
The royal one of the lot : complete delight as a visual and it tastes like luxury, too! Add this for colour and class on the menu!
For the avant garde. The fullness of these black grapes, bring to the table a fully loaded dynamite drink. Packed with anti-oxidants and rich with a mass of beneficial properties. It’s a hero all by itself.
They say, “old is gold,” and “simple is best.” We agree. Here’s a good ol’ simpleton, loved by one and all. Keep the menu friendly with the Chikoo Milkshake on it!
Pretty in Pink! The Strawberry Milkshake is a reminder of all things childhood and familiar. Good to be matched with food items that are contemporary or classic - basically, with anything. It’s timeless
A seasonal favourite, that can now be available to your guests throughout the year! Mango Milkshakes by Fromber are fresh and supplied all year round. It’s a deal that most mango lovers cannot pass up. And you shouldn’t either.
The king of all milkshakes, everyone’s favourite and a basic requirement on any menu. Keep our ready-to-serve packs handy for those high demand days. Banana milkshake is a forever kind of love. It works for all ages and through all ages, too!
Your beverage menu just ‘got with it’, if the Avocado Milkshake is on that list! Another one for all ages : it’s precious for the heart, body and soul





Thaw unopened container until the beverage liquifies.


Thaw unopened container until the beverage liquifies.


Garnish as per the bar chef’s guidance.